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Genealogy Resources

AOL Hispanic group
AmericanOnline  genealogy
and sources  to contact
for research in Latin America

Balli's page
The history of the
Balli family who were
the owners of
Padre Island, Texas

Benvenite's page

Links to universities
libraries special collections, such
as UTAustin which can be searched
on line for availability of books

De Haro

Duran Silva page
Excellent genealogies of
early Spanish settlers of
New México

Cemetery Project   
Special Project of Diana Borja and a group of
descendants of  Miguel Longoria Cavazos

to  restored his tomb

Cuban Resources

Cindy's List
One of the most extensive
collections of links to genealogy
in the Web

Dona Gomes Page-
excellent information
on Portuguese names
that commonly appear in
the Azores, Madeira,
and South Texas

Genealogy Barrel

Heraldica Española

Hispanic Genealogy Society
Houston Hispanic Community own
genealogical resources

Hispanic Conversos

Hispanic Reading Room 
Library of Congress


 Journey in Time

Judeo Español

Las Paginas de
This page is dedicated
to all the Basques of the


Longoria Forum
Use this link to post a
query message on a Longoria
relative or ancestor who you
are trying to find.

Mexican Civil Registrars   

Nombres Españoles

Reyes Pages

Pedro Rodriguez' pages




Nuevo León


Puerto Rico




Spanish Towns

It helps locate towns
is Spain by province

Sephardic Names
This list contains names used
by Spanish/Portuguese Jews
in England, Holland, México,
and SouthAmerica

Social Security
Death Records


South Texas
Extensive links to Hispanic
sources on genalogy and
history of South Texas and
northern México

Spanish and Méxican Land Records 

The book of Texas History
Online allows you to search for an
article of interest to you by enter a word or
to click a letter to see an article

The Nahman page
It includes an extensive
listing of names used
by Spanish Jews in Toledo

Verdugo's pages  
Spanish instructions
on how to do genealogy

Victoria, Texas Genealogical

Vietnam Casualties

Villarreal Pages

Zamarripa Page
The Zamarripa family  
from around the world



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