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Alonso de Sosa Albornoz


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Alonso Sosa Albornoz, son of Francisco de Sosa Albornoz and Inés de Tapia, was born in Xochitla, Edo. de Mexico circa 1549.2 He married Juana Ramirez circa 1565 in New Spain. Juana was born circa 1550 in New Spain. He married Beatris Navarro Rodriguez circa 1589 in Mexico, City. Beatris was born circa 1564. She was the daughter of Juan Navarro and Maria Rodriguez. Beatris was married twice first to Captain Alonso Albornoz de Sosa who was killed in the Oñate expedition to New Mexico. Her second husband was Captain Bernabe de las Casas. They were married probably in New Mexico. She had five children with each spouse. Muster of the officials and soldiers who enlisted in the Valley of La Puana for the expedition to New Mexico, 8-January-1598. Captain Alonso de Sosa Albornoz, native of Mexico City, son of Francisco de Sosa Albornoz, with a servant and harquebus and complete armor for himself and horse. Married to Beatriz Navarro, with five children and is taking the entire family. Alonso was dark complexion somewhat gray. After he got to New Mexico, Alonso found out that the land was harsh and his family were subject

to hardship. He asked permission to governor Oñate to go back to New Spain. Oñate gave his permission, but apparently he had some second thoughts. Juan de Oñate ordered his killing. Alonso was ambushed and killed by men under the command of Vicente de Zaldivar who was carrying out Oñate's orders.

Alonso Sosa Albornoz and Beatris Navarro Rodriguez had the following child:

Ana Sosa Albornoz was born in Mexico circa 1590. She married Alonso Farias Treviño in Nuevo León. He was the son of Juan Farias and Maria de Treviño Quintanilla.

Source: Agapito Rey and George Hammond, Don Juan de Oñate Colonizer of New México 1595 - 163-28 (Coronado Historical Series: The University of New México Press, 1953); New México Historical Review The Founding of New México.














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